While booking your visit is not necessary, we highly recommend it, you can avoid any disappointment if we are fully busy.

Before your massage

We recommend you to arrive about ten minutes before the beginning of the massage so you can enjoy it from beginning to end. Take advantage of our shower and eventually get some tea, which is free for the duration of your treatment.

What to take off?

We also recommend putting your watch and other jewelry off for a perfect treatment experience. You can use our depository at the reception or in the individual massage rooms.

For selected types of massages you will be provided with a change of clothes – a special loose-fitting set consisting of trousers and a shirt.

Please also turn off your phone or place it ins DND mode.

During your massage

Relax your breathing and calm yourself during your treatment. We recommend that you close your eyes and relax as much as possible to fully enjoy the massage. Deep relaxation can also go to sleep and be sure not to indulge in it! Please tell our therapists immediately any dissatisfaction or reduced comfort.

After your massage

We will offer you a cup of delicious tea and sitting in our salon. There is no need to hurry, enjoy relaxation that your massage has brought you and wind down.

If you were not satisfied with something during your visit, do not hesitate to tell us. Our goal is to fulfill the wishes of each of our clients.