About the massage

This massage is designed specifically for mother-to-be. It has a beneficial effect not only on them, but of course, on the baby they are having, relaxes, induces a sense of peace and safety and improves sleep.

It is done partially sitting (neck and shoulder) and partially lying on the back and side. Special pillows for legs are used.

It relieves so much strained muscles, joints and lymphatic system during pregnancy. Only natural oils are used which help the body to remove unwanted substances through the skin. Massage improves blood circulation, which has a positive effect on both the baby and the mother.

It helps to get rid of “heavy legs” and other pregnancy problems and improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients.

It is recommended from three months of pregnancy to childbirth. It is ideal to indulge it every week.


45 min

36 (949 )

Group discounts

2 persons » 15%
3 persons » 20%
4 or more persons » 25%