About the massage

Choose from one of our 5 oil combinations what suits you best today and let us pamper you with our certified pure plant massage oils.

All oils are paraben free and paraffin free. The combinations from basic oil with aroma therapy oils are chosen to serve specific purposes.

Our oil combinations

  1. Relax: Sunflower + Lavender Rich in vitamin E, very effective for detoxification, helps against stress or anxiety, strengthens the nerves and enhances positive mood.
  2. Detox: Sunflower + Grapefruit Rich in vitamin E, very effective for detoxification, activates the lymphatic system. Clears the whole body of toxins and improves the blood circulation.
  3. Happy Skin: Apricot + Mandarin Very rich in vitamins A a C. Restores balance and flexibility to dry, fragile and sensitive skin, removes undue stress, promotes good sleep and stimulates digestion. Especially suitable for a skin excessively exposed to sunlight as well as for use by pregnant women and the elderly.
  4. Bye – Bye Orange Peel: Grape Seed + Orange Rich in antioxidants and enzymes protects the skin against early aging and promotes its regeneration while cellulite can be remarkably reduced. Enhances positive mood, cheers up, helps against depression and exhaustion.
  5. Energy: Sunflower + Eucalyptus + Lemongrass Rich in vitamin E, very effective for detoxification, stimulating and refreshing. Provides the body with more oxygen, clears the skin up and improves concentration.


60 min

40 (1049 )

90 min

55 (1449 )

120 min

66 (1749 )

Group discounts

2 persons » 15%
3 persons » 20%
4 or more persons » 25%