What is the recommended regime after having a Thai massage?

After the massage we recommend a lot of drinking, toxins activated during the massage are washed out of the body and they need to be washed out. It is also better to rest at least for some 30 minutes.

Can I go for a massage if I don't feel well?

Massages are rather unsuitable in cases of nausea and cold. However, if you are only in a bad mood and you are tired of everyday duties, Thai massage should be what you always remember. All massages are very positive, soothing and regenerating for the muscles and your senses.

Does Thai massage hurt?

If you have never been to a massage before and have not given your body the necessary care, your first massage may be slightly painful but not unpleasant. Our muscles are often stiff at work, and often we also have muscles that are painful from incorrect posture, mishandling, computer sitting, driving, etc.

Correcting these injustices on our body can be painful at first massage, but certainly very useful.

Can I enjoy a massage in pregnancy?

Thai massage is suitable and even very beneficial during a substantial part of pregnancy.

During the first three months of pregnancy, a woman can undergo a Thai massage without restriction according to her wishes and needs.

From the fourth to the eighth month it should focus only on so-called pregnancy massage. Pregnant women who indulge in the massage will relax their strained muscles, make their sleep better, more stress-resistant. Other benefits of Thai massage in pregnancy include enhancing immunity and improving blood circulation, as well as improving the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus.