Thai Steam bath / skin cleansing

NamJai - Thai Steam bath / skin cleansing Prague

This detoxicating and relaxing treatment is carried out in a special box made of cohomba wood. In the lower part, herbal steam is produced which contains active substances of 7 special herbs. These extracts are, with the steam, absorbed by the body, helping to release toxic and other unfavourable metabolits and to get them out of the body through the skin pores. Other effects are warming of the whole organism, stress relief, activation of the lymphatic system and relaxation. This treatment promotes weight reduction as well. A list of ingredients for the steam bath can be found below. It is perfect in addition to a massage, as it increases the impact of the massage. It benefits particularly the skin, opens the pores, cleanses the skin and improves it´s outside, loosens muscles and ligaments, helps against aching backs. During the treatment, the masseur is present in the room all the time.

List of herbs we use:

  • Palol (Stereospermum suaveolens)
  • Ethdemata (Gmelina arborea)
  • Pavatta (Pavetta Indica)
  • Nika mul (Vitex negundu)
  • Thotila (Oroxylum indicum)
  • Midi - root
  • Weniwalgata (Coscinium fenestratum)

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: 649 CZK