List of massages

Group discounts

2 persons = 15 % discount

3 persons = 20 % persons

4 or more persons = 25 % discount

Example: 3 persons / Thai massage / 60min = €27,2 per person
*Group discounts are possible only for massages 60 minutes and longer

Thai massages

Traditional Thai massage is an ancient way of treatment. These are massage techniques whose roots date back to 2500 years ago, to the time of Buddha. Traditional Thai Massage requires extensive knowledge of the body, especially bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles.

Traditional Thai massage requires a full body massage, 90-120 minutes in length. But also a 30-60 minute body or leg massage will give you a sense of great relaxation.

For more than 14 years we are bringing you authentic Thai Massages. Our masseurs are all licensed. Come and try the difference that a quality massage will make.

Thai Massages
in Nam Jai

For more than 14 years we are bringing you authentic Thai Massages. Our masseurs are all licensed. Come and try the difference that a quality massage will make.

List of massages

Back and head massage

30 / 60 min

17 € / 34 €
449 / 899 Kč

A massage focused on the back, neck, shoulders and head for effective release of chronic pain, contracted muscles or other problems.

Traditional Thai Massage

60 / 90 / 120 min

34 € / 48 € / 59 €
899 / 1249 / 1549 Kč

Enjoy a strong muscle and body massage. Using techniques more than 2500 years old, based on stretching the body in yoga style.

Full Body Oil massage

60 / 90 / 120 min

38 € / 53 € / 65 €
999 / 1399 / 1699 Kč

A gentle, relaxing massage with the help of refined natural oils. A very gentle technique is used to achieve relaxation of the neck, back and leg muscles.

Full Body Herbal massage

60 / 90 / 120 min

46 € / 61 € / 74 €
1199 / 1599 / 1949 Kč

This special type of Thai massage is based on the use of small bags with a mixture of 10 herbs with added scented essences.

Full body Hot Stone Massage

90 / 120 min

61 € / 74 €
1599 / 1949 Kč

Enjoy a unique experience with hot lava stones massage. After warming, the stones are attached to important points on the body where, together with the oil massage, it acts as an excellent therapeutic relaxation.

Office relief

30 min

17 €
449 Kč

Oil massage of neck and shoulders. This massage procedure gives maximum relaxation in a minimum of time.

Full body 4-hand massage

60 min

72 €
1899 Kč

Intensive full body massage with oil. It helps to remove tension, release toxins and gain new strength. According to Ayurvedic medicine, this massage is part of a traditional cleansing program where the whole body is rhythmically massaged with a larger amount of warm oil.

Steam bath / skin cleansing

30 min

29 €
749 Kč

This cleansing relaxation treatment is carried out in a special box made of cohomb wood. At the bottom, steam is formed from the active substance of 7 special herbs.

Foot Massage

30 / 60 / 90 min

17 € / 34 € / 48 €
449 / 899 / 1249 Kč

Oil massage of feet, legs and knees with focus on reflective surfaces. Very effective, helps maintain or restore the proper functioning of all parts of the body, including internal organs.

Prenatal massage

45 min

36 €
949 Kč

This massage is designed specifically for expectant mothers. It has a beneficial effect not only on them, but of course, on the baby they are waiting for, relaxes, creates a sense of peace and safety and improves sleep.

Aroma Full Body Oil Massage

60 / 90 / 120 min

40 € / 55 € / 66 €
1049 / 1449 / 1749 Kč

Choose one of our 5 combinations that suits you best and let yourself be spoiled by our proven, pure natural oils.

Favourite massages

These massages are our most popular and we know you will also like them.

The more come the bigger savings

Group discounts

2 persons

15 % discount

3 osoby

20 % persons

4 or more persons

25 % discount

What is so good about massages?

Thai massages have been helping in their homeland for years, but now you can enjoy their benefits with us!

  • Improves emotional state
  • Accelerates the body's metabolism
  • Strengthens blood vessels
  • Removes back pain
  • Adds strength and vitality
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from our happy customers


There are a lot of places calling themselves thai massage parlors in Prague but this place is real. Upon entrance you will see all the certificates of all the massage therapists that work here. The room is quiet clean and has a nice ambience. The massage was exceptional and also cheaper than some other parlors in the tourist area. Can't recommend enough.

Angela W

Wasn’t sure what to expect from a Thai massage place in Prague but was pleasantly surprised. I got a prenatal massage (being 7 months pregnant) and my husband got a traditional oil massage. We both enjoyed it very much.  We got a couples room. The ladies are Thai hence the authenticity 😉 for having been to Thailand several times...we know what to compare to!

Authentic Thai massage

I vacationed with a group of friends to Prague this summer and one of the best parts of our trip there was getting Thai massages at the end of each day at Nam Jai especially after a long day of walking and touring the city. The prices are absolutely reasonable and the massage therapists are super friendly and really know their stuff. It is located conveniently just steps away from Old Town. I would highly recommend this place to anyone visiting Prague

Amazing Massage in Prague

Located on the first floor, the Nam Jai thai massage place is welcoming, the staff are super friendly. I had a 60 minute foot massage and it was excellent, very authentic and a reasonable price. I would highly recommend this place!